Friday, February 20, 2015

Environmental Day 2015

This is a presentation by Kaitlyn, Karlson and Molly.  It is a summary of Environmental Day at our school this week.  It was a very special day with so much learning in so many areas.  We have seed-gathering experts who learned how to harvest seeds from which they will grow new plants, (some of our gardeners in this group were 5 year-olds).  We also have our worm farmers - if you've got any questions on how to create a successful worm farm then these are the people to speak to!

Check out the students' presentation and it would be great if you could leave them a comment.

We have this fantastic initiative thanks to one of our teachers, Mrs White, who is always looking for learning opportunities in the environment for our students.


  1. Thats really cool guys!!!!well done for making an awesome powerpoint!!!!!

  2. Hi Guys I'm from Medbury and having a look round this is a Great Blog.