Friday, February 20, 2015

Fallen Soldiers Student Project and Competition

View the Google Presentation below.  Click on the links and think about the questions.  Start to think about how you are going to present the information you gather from your research.  We will start to work on this on Monday.

This is your Prep for Learning - come prepared to talk about what you might do.  You don't have to be completely certain about what it's going to look like yet.  This is just the preparation and thinking part.


  1. Thank you Mrs Hughes it has a lot of information and really helps me know more about WW1

  2. thanks I love lernning and want to know so much more about the army. I love the class and cant wait to know more

  3. I love the story of Simpson and the Donkey.It makes me cry.

  4. Simpson and His Donkey is such a powerful story. There are many stories like this that have come from WWI. I will be sharing as many of them with all of you as possible.
    Pleased that everyone likes how this part of our learning is presented. Please give me lots of feedback on what I can improve on too though. That's really important for my learning too. :-)