Monday, February 23, 2015

Finally we get our hands on the blog!

Hi everyone! Mrs Hughes has put us on as authors and we will be learning how to create different items on the blog. We will be able to add posts, after Mrs Hughes has checked them, which in a while shouldn't need checking.  Our goal is to have everyone else added as an author by the end of this week.

Bonjour, mon nom est Abby and I am one of the new authors on the blog. On the blog I will be known as Little Bear. I can't wait until everyone is an author!

I am Darcy, another one of the authors on the blog. I am known as Darku on the blog. I love reading and writing.

I am Molly, the awesome one of the authors on the blog, I am known as Mol on the blog. I love animals and school.

Soy Karlson, I am one of the authors my name is Ginger on the blog. I love to read so I will enjoy reading your comments.

Hi, my name is Kaitlyn, I am one of 5 new authors on this blog. I am known as katie.cow158 because KatieCow is my nickname. I love using my laptop and will read as many comments as possible.

This is Mrs H, and I have let these lovely learners and teachers loose on the blog!  By the end of the week the rest of the lovely learners and teachers will also be on.  Check back often for updates!


  1. Hi I am Emma and I am one of the authors. I am know as em on the blog. I love love poines and I have one of my own. I also love my laptop and Love reading all the comments. This class is cool and I love it

  2. Hi my name is Meagan,known as meg, and I wish I was a author!!

    1. Hey Meagan - that is completely my fault! Really sorry but we got so busy today that I didn't get a chance to add you. Of course you will be a fabulous author of the blog. Please check your emails to accept the invitation. :-)