Sunday, February 8, 2015

Welcome To Our Blog!

Hi everyone and welcome to another fantastic year of learning!   This is our class blog where we'll share our day-to-day learning and teaching.  The pages along the top are also linked to other areas of our learning.  There will be lots of resources which will be linked along the side bar too.  You can see an idea of these on one of my old class blogs - Room 14 Learning Journeys

We'd love your feedback on our learning.  All comments are moderated by our teacher, Justine Hughes and this week we'll be learning more about Digital Citizenship and feedback so that we can make the most of blogging as an awesome learning and teaching tool.

We started the year off with a bang and it's already been incredibly busy.  We've had Life Education which was all about achieving a balance and we've started to look at Habits of Mind.  (There will be more information posted shortly on the page for HOM on this blog.  We have had a few teething problems with the laptops in that they need to be set up correctly with all accounts created and then we'll be away and flying.  Later in the term we will start to set up our individual blogs on which the children can also share their individual learning.  We need to do a bit of learning and teaching around this so that we know what to share and what to keep private to our families.  Lots to learn!

Our blog is a work in progress and will look very different by the end of the week.  Keeping checking back to see what we're up to!

Check out some of the action so far!

The first day.  All that's needed now is for us to make it our own!

The first Habit of Mind - Persistence - and we didn't give in until we solved it!!

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