Thursday, February 12, 2015

What are Smart Fabric and e-Textiles?

At Tech the Year 8s are learning about what Smart Fabric is and also what e-Textiles are and how they can be utilised in the design process.

Do you know what these are?  Add your ideas and thoughts in the comments below.  You might have ideas for the designs we have to create.  We are allowed to create two different products or combine the two fabrics into one.

There are some links and videos below to show you what these are and how they can be used.  You also have a PREP FOR LEARNING task with this...


  •  Find out how a circuit works and what knowledge you need to have to create your product.  Post your ideas and any links in the comments below.

Where are we headed with this amazing technology?

So how do you work with e-Textiles??

A little something extra...


  1. Circuits are like a pathway of wire that electrons pass through to power a light, or a buzzer, or a computer. They have to be circular, so that the electrons have somewhere to go. Circuits normally consist of a power source, however many things that it is powering, and a switch. Switches disconnect the wire and and open the circuit, and because the electrons have nowhere to go, the light or buzzer or whatever th cicuit is powering will turn off.

  2. This is the link for The Mind Lab in Auckland. It's an awesome learning space.