Tuesday, May 26, 2015


It's nearly time!  I can't wait to hear your recitations on Thursday.  Remember, the finals will be held next week on Friday, June 5.

Please be confident and enjoy the experience.  You will get all the support in the world from your classmates.  This is great for building your confidence and it's also a fabulous way to share and celebrate poetry.


  1. I barley know my poem. Any tips to help learn it quickly?

    1. You did such a wonderful job Alysha! It was an incredibly difficult recitation as it repeated the same two words at the start all the way through. What a wonderful challenge. I was very proud of you. :-)

  2. Try and write it a few times.keep practicing
    you'll be great
    Good luck!!!!

  3. Type your poem with out reading off the paper and when you get stuck read the first words.
    oh my gosh I am nearly learnt it and we have to recite it tomorrow/Friday!!

  4. Thank-you guys. I will definitely try those suggestions before the finals.