Friday, July 31, 2015

Kidsedchatnz Wk 3 is up...and it's going to generate HUGE comment!

This week's Kidsedchatnz is bound to create a lot of discussion and debate and I can't wait!

This would be a great one to share with your parents and get them to comment on this post.

Should We Change the Flag?


  1. I really like this weeks topic, it is great to finally talk about changing the flag - which we shouldn't do. I know that this topic has been bugging me for ages.

  2. This is a really good topic to talk about because people in New Zealand are debating to change the flag or to not change the flag.

  3. Why should it be changed if o many people know it and live under it.

  4. Why should we change our flag because we are just spending thousands of dollars on changing the flag and when the money could be going to feed , put clothes on people and to give people homes.

  5. I am really excited about this weeks Kidsedchatnz.

  6. I am really excited for the chat but I have an idea lets NOT change the flag.
    There all said and done, plus I solved the problem. :-)

    1. I totally agree. I mean we have had this flag for such a log time and it would be a shame to change it. Besides there are better things to spend the money on that changing OUR flag. Plus the Union Jack is like a symbol to show that we are part of the commonwealth, and since Australia has the Union jack too, wouldn't that show how close we are?

  7. I also think that if we did end up changing it, I think we should still have the Union Jack somewhere. Right?