Friday, July 1, 2016

A Town Called Mercy

A Town Called Mercy

Chapter 1

Once upon a time in a far away kingdom lived a princess, that princess's name was Kate. Kate had a brother Andrew and her parents were King Kyle and Queen Zelda. Kate was a smart 30 year old girl with glasses and she has brown long hair. Andrew was an 29 year old weird smartish he had brown short hair. King Kyle was 55 years old and he was very sarcastic and did a lot of puns, he had short ginger hair. Queen Zelda was a short blonde 52 year old queen,she was very shy and talkative with people she knew. One day kate was out riding her horse and kidnappers who were kids at only 7 years old kidnapped her. The kidnappers took Kate to a cave and tied her to a chair. Then 2 dragons walk out of a room and say “Hello Your Majesty” Kate replies “Let me go you stupid people my father will have your head” the dragon shouts “Tape her mouth”. So the kidnappers taped her mouth. Then the dragon says “ My name is Bosia and this my wife Esther and it seems you have meet my band of misfits”. Bosiah says. Esther says “My lady would like any thing”  Kate tries to talk but she can't.  Esther says “Oh I forget she couldn't talk” then everyone starting mocking Kate. The bandits had ripped of all of Kate's jewelry and were arguing who keeps what. Bosiah demands one of the misfits to write a ransom note to the king and deliver it. The misfit who was chosen for the job was a girl called Mel, Mel was tall 25 year old girl. She was very tall and had blondish long hair. She wrote the letter and took it to the king as a messenger the king was very sad to hear his daughter had been kidnapped and he told his family. His family was devastated Zelda starting crying but Andrew was furious he said “They stole my sister I'm going to steal their hearts” and the king replied “No my son you must not let my army deal with it” Andrew just left the room.

Chapter 2

Andrew left the castle and went to the local pub where his friends Darcy and Riley sat drinking. Darcy was a 31 year old man who had  short brown hair and was very smart and he played the guitar. Riley was 27 years old and had short blonde hair and was smart and he loved a good fight. Andrew told his friends about his sister they said we have to help so the 3 boys started rallying up some men and soon they had 5 people not 3,5. Those 2 men that had joined were Chase and Callum. Chase was a 34 year old ex army member and had short brown hair. Callum was a 30 year old ex army member who had short ginger hair. The 5 boys went to find kate they were heading to the address given on the ransom note when a girl popped out of the bushes and said stop who goes there, then she saw it was Andrew and lifted her veil to show it was Mel. Mel said I will help you get your sister back I promise. Mel took the boys up to the cave and let them in and the misfits where right in front of the cave door sipping tea when they walked in. Andrew said, “Where's my sister ?”
One of the misfits replied, “We have her but can we finish our tea before we fight?”
Andrew shook his head took out his sword and the fight began swords went flying but while the fight went on Mel stole all of Kate's jewellry and after the fight when the dust settled the 5 boys had won but just as they were celebrating mel shot Darcy and Riley dead and ran out of the cave. Andrew knelt next to his friends and said good bye. Andrew then sees Kate and cuts her rope  and they run back to the castle.

Chapter 3

The king is so relieved when he sees Kate but Zelda just runs at her and gives Kate a big hug. The story doesn't end there folks for soon you could hear screaming from the citizens. Fire was everywhere outside. The king sees 2 dragons burning the town with fire and he orders his royal wizard Jonathan to be requested. The kings men are trying to fight the dragons of with arrows and catapults and cannons. The royal wizard Jonathan was a 15 year old wizard, he was the smartest person in the world and he was really powerful. Jonathan came to the castle and the king told him I want you to kill those beasts. So the wizard started shooting lightning bolts and fireballs at the dragons but the dragons dodged them then the wizard had an idea he was going to mix lighting bolts with fireballs and water balls. He mixed it all together and shot one at esther but Bosiah jumped in front of the bolt and dropped down but Esther didn't run she yelled, “Finish me off,” to the wizard, “so I can die with my husband.”
With that the wizard give the dragon a final blow.The 2 dragons lay in the rubble of the town holding wings as they both die peacefully. The King and the town rejoice and celebrate but Andrew is standing at Darcy and Riley's funeral the 2 men he thought were his brothers. The King announces a feast that night. The towns people are slowly rebuilding the town and the wizard is burying the dragons. The town feasts that night. This is the story of A town called Mercy.

The End.

By Harneet