Prep For Learning

This is your page where you'll find all the information for Prep for Learning.  It's all about being prepared for learning and discussion at school - and out of school via Google Docs and this blog - and much more to come!


Below is a presentation I've given a few times around Prep (Preparation) for Learning.  It's all about engaging students inside and outside of school whereas traditional 'homework' does not always do this.  The students still have maths and reading learning but they are also thinking ahead about the learning coming up and what they need to think about to engage with the in-class learning and teaching.

This type of learning is more individualised and relevant than a traditional homework sheet. Generally, any Prep for Learning is posted on here on the blog so that you can see what we're learning and you are able to be involved in discussions and learning too - we love that!
Please ask if there are any questions at all.


  1. I think this is a wonderful way to learn, an engaged student will learn more a lot faster. I am a little concerned as to how they will adapt to high school though, where they have different teachers for each subject all dishing out heaps of homework. When speaking to kids that have just started high school, they all comment on the amount of homework they have.

    1. Thank you for your comment. The students do have a lot of Prep for Learning which they need to complete in order to be able to fully participate in class and group discussions and learning. This is teaching responsibility, team work and, most importantly, time management.
      I think you'll find that there is a very high expectation for the amount of learning required for this when you read the Prep for Learning site each week - linked on the sidebar of the blog. :-) In reality, there is more learning required in this way of learning than there is in a sheet or a project which may not be tailored to meet the individual learning needs of the student.